Why do you need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

On Page SEO

We take the SEO part very seriously as this actually can makes or break your internet sales and business. A perfectly optimized page will increase organic traffic and improve search engine results.

Title tag, Image Alt Tags, H1-H2 Tags, Keyword Density, Links/Anchor Text, URL Structure of the webpage are an important factors which we always keep in mind while designing your website.

Does your page have actual text/information about the targeted keywords?

On-Page factors are the aspects of a given web page that influence search engine ranking. Creating unique and accurate pages are the essential elements of creating a successful SEO content page for both your users and the search engines.

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Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages outside your website for building site credibility. The two main factors as per Google guidelines are Increasing meaningful inbound links and building social media influence. Apart from these 2 most important factors there are several other factors which are important like Online press releases, Directory listings, Local web listings, your own Blog, Posting Articles, Social Media for brand awareness such as link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts with share buttons from your site.

Paid links doesn’t work anymore. Google has stated decisively to kill this activity with its Panda and Penguin updates, and the game has entirely changed for low quality websites and has benefited those of us who create and offered content and tools of real value.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important and fundamental aspect with our team. It is all about determining what keywords are being used in search engines by your potential customers. The biggest challenge for our SEO professional is to research and determine actual search terms people enter into the search engines related to your services or products. Keyword choice will be the most important part in your SEO campaign.

You may already have some keywords in mind which we can easily use to compile the list. However we will tell you if your keywords are actually being used in search engines, how many people are searching for them and provide some additional suggestions based on our research.

Performance Report

We will discuss and provide you with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports about the website performance along with an online tool from Google – Google Analytics which is one of the best tools to track real-time website performance from all fronts. This FREE tool from Google records and provides you with all information about your site’s traffic, where the traffic is coming from or how people navigate around your site, which keywords are generating the traffic, real time visitors with their location, search term, time on your page etc.


Cost and pricing depends on the current status, target locations & SEO being done by your Competitor. We quote our prices after carefully analysing each website. We will discuss the targeted keywords, competitor keyword analysis and time frame to Rank keywords on Top Pages of Search Engines. Since search engine algorithms are unpredictable and adopt fast changing strategies, we DO NOT guarantee First Page Ranking however we will show you consistent increase in traffic and Unique Visitors to your website. Our SEO services starts from $150 per month to $1,500 per month.Please Call or email us to discuss your requirements.